“The Best Book I Read in 2018”: Family Worship, Apologetics, Excellence


What’s the best book you read in 2018? We posed this question to our Intersect contributors, and we’ll share their recommendations over the coming weeks. (Read list 1list 2list 3list 4list 5 and list 6.)

Today, Intersect contributors highlight books on pastoring, family worship, the pursuit of excellence and apologetics. …Read More.

Soul, Body and Mind: 3 Ways to Honor God This Semester


A new semester is upon us, and with it comes more opportunities to glorify God in all we do. Since my first semester, I looked for ways to improve my life and productivity. I don’t have it all together, to be sure, but I’ve learned much over the years. I believe organization and preparation are important for the believer.

The first person who caused me to think about how I spend my time was Trip Lee. In his 2015 book Rise, Lee says that time is an investment God makes on you, and you are accountable for what you do with it. We are not only responsible for what we do with our words, as the book of James says, but also with how we live. A lifestyle that honors God’s Kingdom is holistically wholesome, and it goes way beyond your moral commitments not to sin and to act for the less privileged ones. We all have a responsibility to honor our bodies and spirits as God-given elements for the furthering of his Kingdom.

I want to share some ways in which you can glorify God in this upcoming semester. This will not only help you with your grades, which honors the God-given opportunity that not many have to learn from him and his creation, but it will give you a more expansive view of how your life intersects with God’s Kingdom. …Read More.

4 Reasons Parenting Is Hard


Do you feel guilty about not being a “good” Christian parent? You have been taught to teach your children the Bible at home, pray with them and do family devotionals, but it feels nearly impossible to check all of these boxes every day.

Other parents seem like they are doing it well, or they at least say they are doing it well, which makes you feel guiltier. Not to mention the conviction that comes on Sunday mornings when you recognize your failures as a parent. Today’s high-paced, overworked, and plugged-in culture barely leaves time to eat dinner at home, much less, devote thirty minutes to an hour for some type of spiritual training.

But you are not alone. Here are four reasons Christian parenting is hard today. …Read More.

Finding Contentment in a World of Consumerism


By any reasonable standard, life is pretty good for most of the people reading this right now. You probably have food in your cupboard, a means of transportation, shelter and some form of income. Life was not always so easy for our ancestors.

There are obvious exceptions, and I don’t mean to minimize the suffering of people dealing with severe illnesses, the death of a friend or family member, an abusive relationship or some other major life problem. However, if we are honest with ourselves, life is pretty good for most of us. …Read More.