“I Believe In The Holy Ghost” – Spurgeon’s Pneumatology of Preaching


Every preacher has been there, probably last Sunday. The music is playing, people are singing, and the preacher, well he’s praying. Because he’s about to stand and preach.

The Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, surely did the same. He was remembered as having prayed, “I believe in the Holy Ghost” while making his weekly pulpit ascent at the 5,000-seat London Metropolitan Tabernacle.

He prayed, and rightly so, because he understood their to be a connection – between the Holy Spirit and the preaching event. That is to say, Spurgeon saw a relationship between the operation of the Spirit and the proclamation of the Word.

Iain Murray in his book The Forgotten Spurgeon, recounts “The true explanation of Spurgeon’s ministry, then, is to be found in the person and power of the Holy Spirit. He was himself deeply conscious of this. It was not men’s admiration he wanted, but he was jealous that they should stand in awe of God. ‘God has come unto us, not to exalt us, but to exalt Himself.’” (Murray, The Forgotten Spurgeon, 38.) …Read More.