Serving the Church, Engaging the Academy: Thomas Kidd on Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield

Dr. Thomas Kidd of Baylor University is one of the most respected and prolific Christian historians teaching and writing today. He gave a series of lectures at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary on October 5, 2017.

At a luncheon attended by faculty and Ph.D. students, Dr. Kidd provided an overview of the life and ministry of the famed evangelist George Whitefield. Other biographers of Whitefield have attributed Whitefield’s fame to his use of innovative methods of promoting and communicating his message, or they have sought to credit him with setting the foundations for the American Revolution. Dr. Kidd instead focused on his role as an evangelist, arguing that Whitefield should be remembered primarily for inaugurating the American evangelical movement, an informal, non-denominational association of Bible-believing Christians that has continued into the present day. …Read More.