Shepherding Through the Sutherland Springs Shooting: A Pastoral Response, Part 3


Part 3: what should pastors say?

I was pastoring in Denver, Colorado in 2007 when the shooting took place on the campus of Virginia Tech University. I had young adults in my congregation at that time who had been students on the campus of Columbine High School when that shooting took place eight years earlier.

Needless to say, the Blacksburg incident resurrected a ton of painful memories and emotions for many—if not all—of the people in my congregation. But whether you have that kind of connection or not, tragedies like the one in Sutherland Springs, Texas last weekend always initiate a tsunami of questions and emotions among the people under our care. Believers are forced to face the reality that it can happen to any of us, anywhere and anytime. And unbelievers are either asking where God is in all of this, or they’re tightening their grip on their skepticism about His existence. …Read More.