Oxford Study Tour: I Traveled Through Time, and You Can Too


When I first heard about the Oxford Study Tour, I was thrilled at the possibility of going. See, every year, students and faculty have an opportunity to journey to Oxford to study, travel and learn — all while getting course credit. With a background in English and a love for travel, visiting Oxford was a dream come true for me. 

I enjoyed the literary thrills of seeing Oxford University, Blackwell’s bookstore and visiting C.S. Lewis’s house. But as I reflect on what I learned and appreciated most from this trip, three benefits of time travel stood out. Yes, time travel. On a trip that focuses on visiting historical places and learning about important figures of history, the importance of time was a constant theme. So, I’ll share three benefits of time travel from my time on the Oxford study trip that could also benefit others who participate in this trip.  …Read More.