Truth and Compassion: A Review of ‘God and the Transgender Debate’ by Andrew T. Walker


For better or for worse, when it comes to issues of gender and sexuality, evangelicals bear a reputation in the wider public square for a certain style of debate. We’ve been called belligerent, hard-hearted, even vindictive, and often with good reason. Given such perceptions, Andrew T. Walker finds it fitting in God and the Transgender Debate (The Good Book Company, 2017) to call for Christians to be guided by Scripture not only in our truth claims, but also in the tone and motivations with which we demonstrate them.

Walker is the Director of Policy Studies at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and author of numerous articles on marriage, gender and public policy. He opens his study with a simple observation: “Jesus debated issues. But much more than that, he loved people” (13). If one could learn to speak the truth in love—with competency and sincerity—even to the most ardent soldiers of the sexual revolution, then the hard part of Walker’s task would be over. …Read More.