‘The Greatest Showman’ and the Power of Forgiveness


I do not make it to the movies very often. My husband and I have three young children at home so if we’re going to pay a babysitter, we usually lean towards having dinner with friends or an activity of sorts. Yet, this last week after hearing so many great reviews of The Greatest Showman, we secured a last-minute babysitter and found ourselves in a packed room on a Monday evening to watch a brilliant musical.

The Greatest Showman didn’t disappoint.

The music was amazing, the choreography was dazzling, but it was the storyline that stole the show. There wasn’t a person in the room that couldn’t relate to a redemptive story where the main character gets off course and longs to find his way home. And as the credits rolled something in my soul stirred — because although this movie was meant for entertainment, it also has an important theological point. …Read More.