Finding Contentment in a World of Consumerism


By any reasonable standard, life is pretty good for most of the people reading this right now. You probably have food in your cupboard, a means of transportation, shelter and some form of income. Life was not always so easy for our ancestors.

There are obvious exceptions, and I don’t mean to minimize the suffering of people dealing with severe illnesses, the death of a friend or family member, an abusive relationship or some other major life problem. However, if we are honest with ourselves, life is pretty good for most of us.

Even though life is generally good for us, all Christians live at the intersection of faith and a world of fallen cultures, sinful people and broken systems. That is inescapable. The question is what choices we will make when we are at that intersection. How will we respond to the goodness God provides? Will we allow the sin-distorted systems of this world to blind us to finding our joy in Christ? …Read More.