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White Evangelicalism and Multiethnic Relations: Broadening the Conversation Beyond the Black-White Binary: Jimmy Roh

There’s been a lot of discussion about the term “evangelical.” The discussion has centered on evangelicalism’s theological vision versus its cultural expressions. This has led many, especially people of color, to assume the white majority’s culture normative in the evangelical movement. Most recently, Tim Keller weighed in on the conversation citing how many Christians of color have abandoned the label altogether (e.g. Lecrae’s remarks about divorcing himself from “White Evangelicalism” which prompted a response from John Piper). Adding to this conversation, Ray Chang, a chaplain at Wheaton College, responded by urging Piper to heed the sentiments of minority leaders who struggle to find their place in an evangelical movement primarily shaped by white leaders.

As a Korean-American, I appreciate the many evangelical leaders who are willing to have this conversation. It’s a difficult one, but important to have. I’d like to follow-up on Chang’s article and offer further reflections on the culture of evangelicalism. Chang has called for change on a macro-level, appealing for greater diversity within evangelical institutions and among platforms of leadership. However, we also need to focus our efforts of reform on the micro-level. We need new categories to inform and aid us in our personal conversations about the subject. Let me suggest two. …Read More.

What Happens when You're Just Tired of Ministry: Chuck Lawless

As I write this post, I’m tired – and when my body gets tired, my eyes struggle. They struggle so much, in fact, that it gets hard for me to see clearly. I think about this reality when I think of pastors who are just tired of opposition and apathy. When you’re just tired of it all …Read More.

The Top 10 Financial Stressors for Millennials: Art Rainer

You hear a lot about Millennials, those born between 1982 and 2000, these days. It seems as if our nation’s attention has shifted to this particular generation. And I can understand why.

The Millennials are a very large generation. Therefore, they are a very influential generation. They are also entering adulthood. So their decision-making is bound to have a big impact, not just on their generation, but everyone else too.
From a financial standpoint, Millennials are known to have a significant amount of student loan debt. Their college years occurred when tuition went sky high.

So do Millennials primarily worry about their student loan debt? A recent study by Bank of America revealed the top financial stressors for Millennials. Student loan debt is in there. But it’s not the top stressor. Here they are …Read More.