Should Women Be Seminary Professors?


Recently, Desiring God published an interview with John Piper regarding the place of female professors at seminary. In his argument, Piper defines seminary as primarily for “those preparing for a role that is biblically designed for spiritual men.” Therefore, since the pastorate is exclusive for men, it would be inconsistent with scriptural teaching for women to teach and prepare male students for a calling from which they, as a mentor, are excluded.

As a seminary-educated woman, I’ve had many conversations with friends and mentors regarding the place for female seminary professors as well as the broader experience of being a woman in seminary. All of my professors were male, but my seminary does employ some female professors and has created initiatives to increase female representation on campus. Currently, female professors teach women’s ministry, biblical counseling and some non-theological subjects such as English, or linguistics/foreign language (excluding biblical languages). I’m encouraged by their efforts. …Read More.