10 Books You Should Read for Black History Month


Growing up in a rural all white community, Black History Month was a great excuse to highlight a few of the black experts in whatever class I was in, but that was about the extent of my exposure to topics like the Civil Rights movement and other black heroes. A few teachers took the time to try to chip away at the racial bias in our society, but my understanding of Black History didn’t really take off until college.

During these formative years, I no longer simply studied a few black heroes in books, but God brought black brothers and sisters into my life. Slowly black history was no longer a topic I read about, but people I cared about. Each of my friends had stories of both racial bias and outright racism. I shudder at my naivety and insensitivity back then, but my friends were gracious to my many questions. And as my university presented opportunities to learn and grow, I took them as God slowly opened my eyes to a layer in our societal framework that I had never seen before. …Read More.