#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


A Big God for Feeble Pastors: Ronjour Locke

It might be surprising to know that many pastors regularly struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Many assume that pastors only work a half day each week; why would they struggle with inadequacy over that?

They do not notice, however, the hours of sermon preparation, the hours of prayer, the hours of counseling and visitation, the hours of planning, the hours of leadership development, the hours of discipling, and the hours spent tending to his marriage and family. And every minute is usually in the shadow of some other pastor who’s seemingly doing things better than he is, with a bigger congregation, a bigger budget and a bigger social media platform. …Read More.

Feeling Lonely? You’re not Alone: Bruce Ashford

There is an epidemic that kills more people than obesity and has the same negative effect as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy says it causes “an insidious type of stress” that can lead to chronic inflammation, heart disease, dementia, depression, and anxiety.

This condition is no respecter of persons, afflicting people of age, race, gender, and status. …Read More.

Let Prayer Be the Fuel for God’s Mission: Greg Mathias

God’s mission is fueled by prayer. As we pray our communion with God grows, along with our desire to obey Him. Prayer cultivates a missional and joyful mindset within us as we surrender our lives to Him. …Read More.

Are You Neglecting this Good thing that Pleases the Lord: D. Scott Hildreth

Christian leaders can be extremely busy, but are we busy with the right thing?

We live in a broken world with troubles beyond our abilities. We are called on to give leadership, counsel, teaching, organization, resolve conflict, and meet human needs. We teach. We write. We study. We guide. We laugh, and we cry.

Being involved in Christian ministry, whether you are paid or volunteer, can be a hectic and stressful life. …Read More.

9 Ways to Pray for Victims of Recent Hurricanes and Storms: Chuck Lawless

Too many believers, I suspect, watch the news about victims of recent storms, but then fail to pray with compassion and fervor for them. Here are some practical ways to pray for them. …Read More.