Caring for Customer Service Workers

Imagine your car is having some engine problems. You drive to the repair shop and leave it in the capable hands of the repair technicians. As you peruse the magazines in the waiting room, a repair technician comes out to you with the bad news: your car’s engine is worse than they thought. The original problem not only remains, but during the repair an unforeseen accident occurred and now the car’s engine problems are worse.

You can’t believe what you are hearing. What was supposed to be a routine repair has turned into an inconvenient nightmare. Your mind races as you think of how to break the news to your spouse and that your family will need to dip in your savings to cover the steep price tag. You can’t believe the so-called “professionals” you trusted failed to deliver on their promise. In your frustration and anger, you unload all your pent-up emotions onto the service technicians and demand that something be done immediately to rectify the situation.

Does this scenario sound familiar? These negative customer interactions occur frequently, and all of us have probably reacted in a similar way towards a service worker. …Read More.