The Shaky Foundation for ‘Girl, Wash Your Face’


I want to be the best version of me I can be. I want to get stronger, listen to more podcasts, read more books, set and meet more goals, grow more spiritually.

That said, I rarely read self-help books and don’t enjoy listening to motivational speakers. But I was excited when I saw the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (Thomas Nelson, 2018). I want women to find their talents, push away lies and excuses and insecurities, and reach their potential. This book has generated buzz for that very reason. Hollis writes about taking responsibility for your life by identifying your beliefs and rising above the lies that hold you back. She provides wisdom and stories from her personal experiences to motivate her readers to be whatever they want to be.

This is well and good. What we must ask, though, is where we should find our motivation for life. What kind of wisdom forms the foundation for our goals? Girl, Wash Your Facecontains some truth, but unfortunately, I don’t think that truth is firm enough to create the long-lasting passion for life and self-fulfillment that Hollis models. Rather than review the book, I want to discuss the underlying source of motivation for this book. Hollis is inspiring, but do her advice and suggestions rest on godly wisdom? …Read More.