The Disease of Bullying and the Power of Forgiveness


October 2018 is national bullying awareness month. Sadly, we’ve become aware of bullying for all the wrong reasons. In the past week, we’ve seen hate-filled headlines about the mailing of pipe bombs to political figures; an attack on a synagogue, which took eleven lives; the seemingly random murder of two African Americans after a failed attempt to enter a “predominantly black church” to wreak havoc; and a high school student who shot and killed another student in my home state of North Carolina.

However, bullying doesn’t always take the form of physical violence. Viral videos dubbed “Apartment Patty,” “Southpark Susan” and “Ryanair Racist” have recently circulated on social media as various bullies berate their neighbors seemingly because they are different. Truly, the disease of bullying and its effects of hatred and violence have pervasively spread like cancer throughout the U.S. and this sin-stained world. …Read More.