Are You a Heathen for Celebrating Halloween?


Every year in late October, Christians divide.

There may be no other national holiday or celebration that elicits more ideological battles and relational divides within the body of Christ than Halloween. Some families and churches understand Halloween as a yearly celebration of occult and pagan practices. If this is truly the case, then of course Christians should have no part in it! For others, however, it is a fun and innocent time to gather with friends and dress up in costumes. Kids get to find joy in pretending to be their favorite movie and cartoon characters for a night — all while consuming unreasonable amounts of sugar.

So how should a follower of Jesus think about Halloween? Most churches handle this question in one of four different ways. They either…

  1. Encourage the practice of Halloween.

  2. Actively preach against the holiday.

  3. Replace it with a different celebration, such as a “Fall Festival” or a “Reformation Day celebration.”

  4. Ignore the issue altogether.

How should you think about this complicated holiday? Consider these three questions before you decide how you and your family should respond. …Read More.