How the History of Ideas Program Broke (and Restored) My Faith

When I enrolled in the History of Ideas program at The College at Southeastern, I expected classes in apologetics against the “enemies” of the faith. The program is designed to introduce students to the texts of great thinkers and philosophers — from Homer, Plato and Aristotle to Mary Shelley and Locke. These texts introduced me to concepts I had never considered. And I was not prepared for what awaited me.

I was blindsided by the arguments presented by these texts, particularly those of virtue and vice. In The Iliad, virtue seemed to be subjective in humans, and even more so in the gods. Both humans and gods used vice as an advantage to conquer their enemies. If the gods behaved no better than humans, where could I find pure virtue? I began to question whether Yahweh resembled these gods. Was there vice behind His motives? Could I truly trust Him? …Read More.