Work: Pushing Back Against the Curse


I don’t often win theological arguments with my dad; with an MDiv from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and over thirty years of pastoral ministry, Phillip Herring is highly versed in the intricacies of the faith. The one moment when I was right sticks in my mind: we were arguing over the nature of work.

“Work came after the fall, which makes it part of the curse,” he insisted.

“No! Work happens before the fall, so it’s good,” I maintained. Rarely can theological controversies be solved by just “looking it up,” but this turned out to be the case. We discovered that work begins in Genesis 2, and therefore I won the day.

I’ve thought back on that conversation several time over the years, because people often do not enjoy their work. “O no – Monday is coming!” might be an attitude made popular by Garfield the Cat, but it shows up all to often in the real workplace. In contrast to this negative attitude towards work, the Bible presents work as God’s vocation given to his highest creation. …Read More.