#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Not just a ring — a choice for the King: Peter Link Jr.

Apart from the decision to surrender one's life to Christ, few earthly choices define a person's relationship with God as greatly as selecting a spouse. Marriage joins two persons into genuine unity and diversity, man and woman.

We must not, if we are to be faithful to God, follow the blind passion of a moment or the tide of our generation's muddied thinking into choosing a spouse, because in marriage we make more than a bed. We make an outpost of God's Kingdom -- a prophetic picture of heaven on earth. Fallen yet redeemed sinners become one with each other because they both have a real union with God and accept a calling to uniquely and sacrificially express their love for God in caring for each other.

In biblical marriage, therefore, our deepening affection for God should always manifest itself in an expanding love for our spouse. We should sacrificially be and do that which is good in God's eyes. …Read More.

5 Reasons to Encourage Your Children to Pursue Financial Goals: Art Rainer

Young children are probably not old enough to understand the importance of setting aside money for retirement, but this does not mean that they are not old enough to understand how money works.

If fact, your young kids can get a better grasp on some financial principles than you probably realize.
Recently, two of our boys (ages 7 and 4) each asked if they could get a particular Wii game. Our 7-year old wanted a football game, and our 4-year wanted a soccer game. Both cost around $18.

My wife and I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to teach them about money. We gave them a list of chores that they could (not required) do each week. Every completed chore was worth $0.25. So it was a cost effective proposal for us as well.

Now, each boy had a financial goal ($18) and a way to reach the goal (chores).

Here is why we were happy for our kids to pursue a financial goal, like being able to purchase a Wii game. …Read More.

Social Media + Ministry: Sam Morris

Pastor, have you ever been asked to join a group of older gentlemen in your church for coffee at McDonalds on Thursday mornings at 6:30am? Ministry leaders, have you ever been asked to join your people regularly to just hangout and chat?

Now, imagine that you told them, “No, I would never be caught dead drinking coffee at McDonalds.” Or “No, I don’t have the time to hang out and chat.”

What do you think would happen? …Read More.