How God Makes Beauty from Brokenness


I recently called a friend to discuss an upcoming church event. Eventually, our conversation turned to the culture.

My friend, who is a little more than twice my age, listed a few of the troubling cultural trends he’s noticed. “Pastor, I don’t envy your job,” he said. “Things have gotten out of control.”

There was an air of hopelessness in his voice, as if we’d reached a cultural tipping point. In his eyes, there seemed to be little hope that God could be at work.

And can we blame him for thinking this way? If we look around, we see that the prevailing winds of culture tend to celebrate sinful lifestyles, espouse secular ideologies and minimize religious freedom. The world today looks very different than it did when he was my age — in some ways for the better, but in other ways for the worse.

As I reflected on our conversation, I thought back to a time that was not so different than our own — the time in which Ruth lived. …Read More.