#IAmGoing Weekend Reading

Social Reflection: Sam Morris

Have you ever been told you can see where your heart is at by how you spend your money? The idea goes that where one spends their money is where their heart is housed. And after a fashion, I think this correct, however, there is a better way to examine one’s heart with more effectiveness than the monthly bank statement. (‘Cause for all I can tell my heart belongs to the federal government, my landlord, and bank.) …Read More.

Stop Trying to Draw a Crowd: Aaron Earls

Due to our culture’s obsession with being “successful,” many Christian leaders face a temptation to do whatever it takes to draw a crowd. It’s become an acceptable prosperity gospel for church leaders who would never subscribe to any other version of health-and-wealth teaching.

If you really love Jesus, your church will have huge numbers.

If you’re faithful, your book and your blog will have millions of readers.

If you trust God, your ministry will grow continually.

Most leaders know better enough to say those things out loud, but it can still subtly worm its way into our thinking. We become ministry pragmatists. Just do whatever it takes to get people in the doors. Do what needs to be done to grow your ministry. But the church has not be called to “get people in the doors;” we’ve been given a great commission to make disciples.

A Lesson in Broken Leadership: Chuck Lawless

I don’t remember his name, and I don’t know where he served. What I remember is that God was “all over” him.

He was a missionary speaking in my church in Ohio, and the apparent power of God in Him was almost palpable. I asked him later that day how he had so experienced God’s power, and his answer later changed my life: “I prayed for God to break me of my self-dependence.”

That wasn’t the answer I wanted. In fact, it was a Sunday afternoon, and I instead wanted all the power of God in me before our Sunday night service—preferably, without my needing to change. My wife, Pam, and I began to pray, though, for God to break us. It wasn’t an easy prayer to pray, and God’s response to that prayer led to some faith-stretching, painful moments over the next several months.

What I learned, though, was that I much more experience the power of God when I’m broken under His loving hand. It was then that I learned the reality of “when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Cor. 12:10). And, I’m convinced that I was a better leader when God alone was my strength in my brokenness. Here’s why. …Read More.