Why I Embrace My Introversion


As I have explored the doctrine of vocation, I have joyfully discovered the myriad ways in which God gifts people to fulfill the cultural mandate through the productive and creative active of work. No one vocation honors God more than another. Whether you are a teacher, minister, counselor, engineer, webpage designer, electrician, bank teller, truck driver, cashier or professional athlete, you can honor God and reflect and continue his good work in the world.

In the same way, God has created us with unique personalities. Whether you are ambitious, diligent, easygoing, energetic, competitive, flexible, meticulous, talkative, neurotic, imaginative, task-oriented, open-minded or procedural, you can use those traits to thrive in building culture and reflecting the imago Dei in a complementary sphere of work.

As I consider how God has created me, it is easy to see how my traits contribute to my work—I am analytical, task-oriented, intuitive, conscientious and driven. These qualities could form most of the recipe for a productive, high-achieving worker. But one of my strongest and most defining personality traits is my introversion. …Read More.