The Enduring Legacy of Billy Graham: One Baby Boomer’s Reflections


I suspect that it’s almost impossible for anyone under the age of 35 to understand the role Billy Graham played in the collective consciousness of the Baby Boomer generation. He walked onto the public square in the late 1940s and 1950s, about the same time that most Boomers were born.

For those who have grown up with the cultural fragmentation brought on by cable TV, the Internet and social media, the 60s and 70s must seem quaint and maybe even alien. Only three television networks existed then, and nationwide magazines such at Life and Time dominated the print media.

Billy Graham was everywhere—radio, television, newspapers and magazine covers. Everyone in the free world (and I mean everyone) and many others in the rest of the world knew who Graham was, heard him preach and knew that his message was “Jesus saves.”  …Read More.