From the Archives: Billy Graham Address at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary



This recording of Dr. Billy Graham is from 1962. It was never widely publicized and remained in the archives of Southeastern until digitized following Dr. Graham’s death last Wednesday.

This is the first of two recordings of Dr. Graham at Southeastern Seminary, the second will be posted tomorrow.

Here is a portion of the transcript:

 [It] is a great joy to be here at Southeastern today, and I’m sorry that I live in the other part of North Carolina. It’s almost a world away, up in the mountains of western North Carolina and I rarely get into the East. In fact, I have only been in eastern Carolina one time before. That is extreme eastern Carolina and that was when I was five years old, my father took me to Wrightsville Beach. And I know very little about this part of North Carolina, and I determined that this year I wanted to go to some of the places that we had been invited to. And we’ve been going to the various universities and colleges and yesterday at Camp Lejeune down at Jacksonville where we had a very wonderful service. …Read More.