“My Inadequacies Highlight His Sufficiency”: Jennifer Bleakley on Writing, Horses and Hope


Joey had been a majestic, hard-working horse. But an injury changed everything. Now he was tired, starved, blind — and, to most people, useless. But the owners of Hope Reins in Raleigh, NC, saw something different. This 33-acre ranch serves hurting, abused and emotionally wounded children, and they gave Joey a home where God could use him to serve others.

Author Jennifer Bleakley tells this horse’s story in her debut book, JOEYJennifer lives in Raleigh, NC, with her husband Darrell, her two children and three pets —  a “very needy Golden retriever,” a stray cat and a bearded dragon.

We had the privilege to talk with Jennifer about her new book, about writing and how her faith inspires her craft. Here’s our conversation. …Read More.