Faith at Work: Contextualizing the Conversation in Romania


It all started on a bus ride to Bulgaria. I found myself seated next to a guy named Mircea, who I barely knew. Three hour road trips have a way of making friends out of acquaintances, and Mircea and I found ourselves lost in conversation both down and back from the old castle our group was visiting.

Mircea reminisced about his family in the north of Romania and his post-college adventures in the western cities of Timisoara and Arad. He told me that moving to Bucharest for work was a huge gamble, but God provided time and again. Mostly, though, Mircea talked about how stressed out he was at his advertising job. True, he said, the profession calls for high levels of creativity and pizzazz. But the long hours, demanding deadlines and lack of truly understanding his colleagues made Mircea wish the clock would tick a little bit faster.

I, on the other hand, am employed to call people to consider God’s hand in their lives. I don’t work in the secular arena; I teach theology at a seminary and encourage church planting efforts. But when Mircea began talking about how he wished he could find joy in his job, I knew God was calling me to ask about how Mircea’s faith relates to the work he does. I’m glad I did. …Read More.