Introducing the Faith, Work and Economics Curriculum Project


The goal of the Faith, Work and Economics (FWE) curriculum project at Southeastern is for subject-matter experts to address the intersection of FWE from their various subject areas. Historically, FWE has played far too small a role in the theological education of Pastors and Missionaries.

Understandably, courses on macro or micro economics are a tough sale when vying for space in the crowded curricular real estate of the Master of Divinity or a similar Master of Arts degree. Nevertheless, the role of the Christian faith and its impact on Christian work and our broader economic participation exposes, in a way that little else does, just how integrated our Christianity is into our everyday, ordinary lives.

Christians who struggle to see value in their work fail to recognize that they are Saints who are being equipped for the “work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). …Read More.