How Our Calendar Helps with Evangelism

What is Easter? I have never heard of it before.”

This question shocked me. Who hasn’t heard of Easter?

I was sitting in a class in Germany. My wife and I had been studying German for several months with people from all over the world. The teacher announced that the class would not meet Friday or Monday because of the Easter holiday. The young man who asked me about Easter was from Japan. We had been sitting next to each other for weeks but, never talked about much other than the language class itself.

When the class went on break, I talked with him about the story of Jesus — his death and his rising from the dead.

“Do you believe this?” He asked.

I was able to share the story of how Christ changed my life.

That one question: “What is Easter?” started a friendship that lasted the rest of the semester. He showed me how to roll sushi. He asked a few more questions. I talked about Christ.

To my knowledge, he never gave his life to Jesus. However, he did hear and he did have the opportunity to decide. For the first time in his life, he got to know a Christian and heard the story of God’s love. …Read More.