Human Flourishing and the End of the World


Faith, Work and Eschatology

If you knew that Jesus was returning next week, would you go to work tomorrow?

This is not an idle question. Behind it lies the issue about how to relate our work in this world to the next. Why endeavor to improve the human condition when the whole project is doomed? One well-known evangelical author argues that our calling is not to “tinker with the kingdom of this world.” He explains, “It’s the same with my motel room: I don’t like the wallpaper, but I don’t call an interior decorator to redecorate, because I’m only staying for one night.”

His reasoning is clear: since the present era is so temporary and brief, and an individual’s time in it is even briefer, expending one’s life to improve things now seems to be quixotic at best and poor stewardship at worst. However, I will argue that the Bible presents a far different perspective. As we will see, Scripture presents our present vocation as vitally connected with eschatology. …Read More.