#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Who’s Your One? Recovering the Primacy of Personal Evangelism: J. D. Greear

Intentional evangelism has always been a defining characteristic of Southern Baptist mission—and rightly so, because evangelism is the primary tool by which we fulfill the Great Commission.  

Everything else Southern Baptists do is ultimately in support of evangelistic disciple-making. The criteria upon which our churches should measure their success is by how many Christians are actively winning souls and training them to win the multitudes. Apart from that, all the money we raise, buildings we build, ministries we organize, sermons we preach, and songs we write don’t move the mission forward. Without this one thing, we fail.

Many today, most notably our current President Steve Gaines, have raised the question of whether we are losing our laser-like focus on evangelism, as indicated by several recent developments. …Read More.

Your Church’s Vision is a Shot in the Dark if You Don’t Understand Three Things: Keelan Cook

“Church planter, you need a vision in order to successfully start your church.”

“Pastor, if you want your church to be healthy again, your church needs a fresh vision.”

You’ve heard those words. I’ve said those words. For the most part, they’re true, but let’s get one thing out in the open: your church’s vision is a shot in the dark if you don’t understand the pillars on which it rests.

Healthy vision does not come out of thin air. Sure, good vision is creative and usually the result of a decent dose of inspiration. And any church’s vision should be Spirit-directed and covered in prayer. It should be the overflow of a Spirit-filled congregation. However, hunches and good feelings are not the meat of vision, and direction from the Spirit is never untethered from the truths of Scripture or the realities around us. …Read More.

9 Specific Reasons People Don't Trust Pastors: Chuck Lawless

If you read this blog regularly, you know my love for pastors. I am a pastor, and I have great respect for those who lead God’s church. At the same time, my consulting work and my speaking schedule have given me opportunities to speak with people who no longer trust pastors. I’ve previously written about general reasons that folks lose trust in pastors, but I’m adding today some specific reasons I’ve heard more than once. I’m afraid that many people unfairly characterize all pastors based on only one or two examples; nevertheless, here are some of the more specific reasons they’ve lost their trust. …Read More.