Faith in the Drought


I remember every detail like it was yesterday. Three lanes merged into two, and we hit gravel going about sixty miles an hour. I didn’t have my seatbelt on. I braced and then bounced around inside the car until I was eventually ejected out the hatchback. The car finally stopped after at least three flips and one end-over-end rotation. I was trapped underneath the rear driver side with the wheel spinning next to my cheek. Panic set in as I couldn’t move anything below my waist. After countless medical procedures, several broken bones and seventy-seven long days, I took my first steps without any assistance.

This accident on September 10, 1994 is a defining moment that I revisit when I wonder about my purpose in life, doubt God’s plan or forget his faithfulness. It is a miracle that I am alive today. This event is an anchor for my faith, like the stones of remembrance often found after an Old Testament encounter with the God of Abraham. …Read More.