Bittersweet Reflections on our Call to Adopt


Four years, two months and nineteen days. That’s how long it took for my husband and me to complete our first international adoption and bring our daughter home. Unfortunately, that length is becoming more and more common for international adoption timelines. Even more unfortunate are the number of international adoptions that are never completed due to country closures, government law changes and the deaths of children waiting to come home.

We knew it would be hard, and we were even prepared for the journey to take a couple of years, but we never could have expected the journey the Lord was leading us on. We faced so many setbacks and disappointments. I remember often expressing to my husband in some of my darkest moments that I didn’t want to hope anymore – I wanted to be callous, indifferent and unaffected by the next wave of turmoil. In comforting one another we would often share the same refrain, “I don’t know how much more I can bear.” For more than three years we had no face, no name of the child for whom we were praying. For more than three years we wondered at times if we were fighting a losing battle. …Read More.