If We’re More Connected Than Ever, Why Are We So Lonely?


I hate notifications. Which makes me hate my smartphone. Which makes me long for the days of my Motorola Razr, but alas, we are an incredibly connected society.

We “like” one another’s pictures of our kids, our coffee cups and our devotional reading (always with a nice Valencia filter) on Instagram. We argue ideas and post ridiculous memes on Facebook. We retweet one another and send the occasional message on Voxer. Texting has become so common and accepted that there are no longer boundaries on the appropriate times of day to text. Most people even expect you to reply to their text within a matter of seconds. I’ve spoken with multiple people who suffer mild anxiety over the seemingly long time intervals between exchanged texts (which, let’s be honest, are now mostly emojis or gifs) with a friend or significant other. When I began dating my wife, we both had flip-phones. It took what felt like an hour to pound out a 3-4 word text on those things. So, I felt no stress if she did not text me back immediately because I knew she was likely texting me the whole time.

My point is that we’ve never experienced this level of connectivity in human history, and yet we are increasingly lonely. …Read More.