#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Reclaiming the Goal of Christlikeness in a World of Choices: Trevin Wax

Last week, I did a radio interview about Eschatological Discipleshipin which we discussed consumerism, one of the three rival eschatologies I write about in the book.

I’ve said before that the chapter on consumerism in This Is Our Time was the hardest to write. I often find writing or speaking on the subject of consumerism to be harder than dealing with any other challenge, even the sexual revolution, which is, arguably, more politically charged. The reason why consumerism vexes me so is because it’s the air we breathe; it’s the cultural waters we swim in. It is difficult to get enough cultural distance from the consumer mentality to fully probe its opportunities and challenges. (The irony is not lost on me that in writing about consumerism, I hope to sell a book with my particular take on the topic.)

Does consumerism even have an eschatology? I say it does, although it takes on a different shape than the eschatology of progress seen in Enlightenment thought, or the trajectory toward liberation seen in today’s proponents of the sexual revolution. Here’s a portion of Eschatological Discipleship where I explore some ways we as Christians must re-envision our lives in order to fight against a consumer mindset that would distort our faith. …Read More.

Instagram Dialectics: Sam Morris

Ever catch yourself scrolling through Instagram and thought someone else’s life looks so much nicer than your own?

Honestly, I catch myself doing this. It’s easy to get caught up in the photos of Instagram and wish my life looked like the patchwork quilt I’m scrolling through. But that’s a fantasy and real life is much better than screen-life.

The ironic thing is that we’ve started comparing our lives to everyone else’s, yet we can only see a 4:5 glimpse of it.

Instagram is a powerful tool. If the adage is true, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” then we’re scrolling past theses as we look on Instagram. The person posting, the composition of the shot and the subject matter all serve to tell us something of the person holding the camera. …Read More.

Nine Reasons Church Revitalization May Be a Serious Faith Challenge: Chuck Lawless

I believe church revitalization is possible, and I want to help leaders ask the right questions, focus their spiritual disciplines, and move forward in the task. At the same time, though, revitalization can be one of the toughest faith challenges a pastor will face in his ministry. Here’s why. …Read More.