Truth That Opens Blind Eyes: A Review of ‘Evidence That Demands a Verdict’


A Ph.D. student from the Czech Republic was baptized in my church on Sunday. This young lady shared that in her country Christianity was nothing more than an ancient religion, and the Bible nothing more than a well-crafted but irrelevant relic. Upon moving to the US for graduate school, she began to interact with a small number of true believers in Jesus Christ. She said of them,

Through their love for me and showing me the evidence for the historicity of Jesus, God opened my eyes and saved me.

I was reminded of the timeless relevance of love and truth—truth that can be tested against evidence. We Christians need to be armed with the evidence of the veracity of the Christian faith, ever ready to share it in love with anyone who inquires. For countless souls now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, God uses the evidence of the truth to open the blind eyes of the lost. I know it was so for myself, for that young woman and for Josh McDowell. …Read More.