#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


More Christian Than Democrat or Republican: Bruce Ashford

Given the increased polarization of American politics and public life, the question is frequently raised as to whether Christians should identify themselves with either major political party or—by association—the political ideologies undergirding them. I answer that it is permissible and often wise to participate in party politics, but we must be circumspect in doing so, making clear that our allegiance to political parties is tentative in light of our allegiance to Christ. We should never allow our witness to be undermined by inordinate allegiance to a political party or inappropriate forms of activism on behalf of that party’s agenda.

In order to make the case for this view, we must discuss the proper relationship between both religion and politics and church and state, before going on to discuss the legitimacy of affiliating with America’s major political parties and ideologies. …Read More.

Nine Things Pastors Can Learn From Missionaries: Chuck Lawless

I spend a lot of time with missionaries, and they always challenge me and stretch me. Frankly, I wish I had spent more time with missionaries when I was a full-time pastor – as I think I would have been a better pastor. I don’t want to suggest that pastors are not already doing these things, but here are some things I think missionaries can remind us. …Read More.

A Conversation with Dr. Jason Duesing about the Committee on Resolutions: Jonathan Howe and Amy Whitfield

Dr. Jason Duesing joins us for an extended interview about chairing the Committee on Resolutions for the 2018 SBC Annual Meeting. We talk about the history of SBC resolutions, their purpose, their structure, and how they are formed behind the scenes by the committee. …Read More.