Why Do We Go to Church?

Recently James K. A. Smith discussed the “good life” and the implication for Christian living at the Wisdom Forum. Halfway through this dialogue he made a striking comment,

People come to church and have no clue why. They sing a few songs, listen to a sermon, and go back to their lives without any change. The problem is that they have no understanding as to why they are doing what they are doing.

I am still chewing on these words, and I am overwhelmed for resolution.

If the common church attender comes to “worship” on Sunday but does not know why, then we have a problem. Why, then, should you go to church? To be more theologically accurate, why should you gather with the church — since the church is not the building down the street, but the group of believers?

How will we change this misconception of our time together? We have a purpose, not just as a body, but as individuals too. Do they know that? Now that I have a Master’s of Divinity in Christian Studies, you might assume that I have all the answers. However, I need to be reminded of why we gather as much as anyone. …Read More.