Is There Hope for Modernity? A Review of ‘Beyond the Modern Age’ by Bob Goudzwaard and Craig G. Bartholomew


Western society is shot-through with paradoxes, argue Dutch economist Bob Goudzwaard and South African theologian Craig Bartholomew in Beyond the Modern Age: An Archaeology of Contemporary Culture (IVP Academic, 2017). We were promised that with great technological sophistication and the banishment a dark-age religious thinking, modern man could alleviate society’s problems. Such dreams, however, have proved to be little more than utopian delusion as the West finds itself well into its self-proclaimed “Modern Age.” Poverty rates have only increased, and technological innovation has only produced an unending cycle of insatiable demand and ceaseless labor. Even the paragons of modern economies are in no way impervious to collapse, and likewise the environment groans under the gears of modern industrialization. …Read More.