The Disciple-Making Shift


In a now famous study of popcorn by Brian Warnsick at Cornell, movie goers were given two sizes of popcorn buckets. Each of the buckets was massive, too large for one person to consume all the popcorn. The question: when given an overwhelming amount of popcorn to eat, would the size of the bucket matter?

The result? Those with bigger buckets ate 53% more. The interesting reaction of people in the study is they didn’t believe the results. They couldn’t believe simply changing the bucket size had such an impact on their actions. Beyond the obvious application to diet (want to lose weight? Use smaller plates and order smaller portions when eating out), Warnsick discovered how hard it can be to help people see the need to change.

His conclusion: sometimes what we think is a people problem is a situation problem. Let me apply this to the church. Sometimes we pastors (I currently serve part time as a pastor at my church) we think people in church are apathetic and only want to do the minimum for God. I’ve preached in over 2,000 churches, and in my experience most people do care, but they also do the minimum. Why? They do what they do because they’ve been taught what they’ve been taught. …Read More.