#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Finding Myself in the Mommy Wars: Amy Whitfield

One of my goals when I look at my home and office is that I would one day become completely organized, down to the last item. (I know myself well enough to realize this goal is unlikely, but a girl can dream.) I have visions of walking into a room where there’s a place for everything,  where everything is in its place, and where every container has that wonderful finishing touch—the label.

It’s hard to understand why labels are so attractive. I imagine it has something to do with the desire to group items into categories. We like to know exactly what we are dealing with. To see a row of boxes and immediately know there’s a place in the world specifically for plastic bags or furniture polish can give us a surprising sense of security. …Read More.

My Sermon Preparation Process: Matt Capps

Preparing a sermon week after week is a lot of work. Preaching a sermon week after week is also a pure joy. This past week I posted pictures of my sermon preparation process on Twitter, and several pastors and church leaders commented that it was helpful for them. I figured I would publish this blog post with a little explanation for each step. …Read More.

What’s the Rush? Immediate Baptism and Missions: John Hammett

According to an extremely influential missions guidebook, “Immediate baptism is the command and pattern of Scripture (Matt. 28:19–20Acts 2:38). The sooner, the better. Baptism seems to solidify their decision to follow Jesus and encourage new believers toward boldness” (T4T: A Discipleship ReRevolution, p. 241).

With loving concern, I contend that the Bible, rather, supports the exercise of pastoral wisdom according to one’s context regarding the timing of baptism. It does not, I believe, support the notion of a universal command that immediate baptism should be carried out in all times and places. I say that after having wrestled through the question of baptism during my own experience as a missionary and after having numerous discussions on the topic through the years—both in the halls of academia and with fellow pastors and missionaries. …Read More.