Economic Stimulus in the Emoji Age (Part 2)


What would our world look like if the humanities didn’t exist? Imagine our civilization, our workplaces, our economy, without the humanities. Post-apocalyptic or dystopian images ensue. The varied arts we voraciously consume would vanish, including all visual and entertaining arts from painting, photography, and cinema, to music and aesthetic design. Written language? Nonexistent. Verbal communication reverts to stone-age simplicity. No literature develops, no fictional stories transport our imagination. Not even a scientific journal article breathes without the careful attention to language usage. Written law? None. Property rights and records? Zip. Perpetually dependent on the language arts the vital transfer of knowledge, stories, and wisdom through time would be lost. Without the humanities, civilizations never rise out of the dust, never germinate, never see the light of day. Peoples without the humanities remain clans and tribes, far short of becoming a civilization. Absent recorded historical knowledge and the collective identity that gives a people purpose and values, civilization and its great gifts fail to launch. Critical thinking halts too since its home discipline of philosophy would be absent. Try to conceive the vaunted STEM disciplines without the womb of the humanities. Science was born after and because of two thousand years of the humanities, and while no longer an infant, science cannot survive alone. Without the humanities, we shiver in the infamous state of nature where life is, as Hobbes described, “nasty, brutish, and short.” …Read More.