Praying for Iran


The Islamic Republic of Iran dominates the US news cycles again. There are conversations about sanctions, gas prices, and debates about political posturing. At Southeastern, Iran has a special place in our hearts for different reasons.

The first ever Southern Baptist missionaries to Iran, Dr. George, and Joanne Braswell were students on our campus and later came back to teach missions. Southern Baptists appointed George and Joanne in 1967 and sent them into Iran where they worked until the time of the Islamic Revolution. The book To Ride a Magic Carpet is a fascinating memoir of their time. The Braswells continue to be friends of the seminary and of our Center for Great Commission Studies.

SEBTS also has an initiative dedicated to the training and education for Iranians around the world. This initiative provides theological education in Farsi, the mother tongue of Iranians. As far as we can tell, this is the only opportunity in the world for Iranians to receive this type of training. You can find out more about our Persian Leadership Training Initiative here:

As I read the news and listen to people talk about Iran, I thought it would be good to challenge Great Commission Christians to commit to pray for Iran for the next several weeks. …Read More.