#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


5 Ways Pornography Hurts You: Scott Hildreth

One conversation I dread but have far too often concernes the damaging and damning impact of pornography. I grieve the loss of joy and passion as lives are consumed by the pain, guilt, and frustration that accompanies porn use. In my mind, there is no question that pornography is extremely dangerous.  In fact, several state legislatures have declared pornography a public health risk.

Some say that pornography is just good adult fun. "If you don't like it," they say, "Don't watch it." Supporters claim pornography is fantasy entertainment. I have heard it compared to science fiction. "Everyone knows it isn't real. But it is fun to imagine."

This may be the experience of some; however, evidence shows that pornography is far from harmless fun. Sure, it creates a fantasy world. But it is a world from which many cannot escape. Pornography, whether visual or literary, fuels desires and sets expectations that, for many, ends in disaster. 

In this post, I want to discuss five negative consequences of porn usage. …Read More.

3 Ways to Digitally Disengage: Sam Morris

Many conversations on social media (or simply online) can last for quite some time. They can take an emotional toll that is exhausting. When is it appropriate to take a step back?

Often times I catch myself wanting to be well informed and neglect the need to disengage from digital interaction. But this can be overly taxing and – I’ve noticed – take too much away from my family, studies and hobbies.

For most of us who write for this blog, our jobs are to be digitally engaged at a high level. For us, we make a practice of swinging from our day jobs to our home life. But for many, it may be difficult to navigate that swing.

Here are three ways to digitally disengage. …Read More.

On Love and Concern for the Southern Baptist Convention: Trevin Wax

We are just weeks away from the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. Questions about theological affinities, political loyalties, missiological approaches, Convention structures, the voices and treatment of women, the seriousness of domestic violence, properly reporting abuse, minority representation on committees: all of these add a sense of gravity to this year’s meeting, with the two overlapping cultures of the SBC (which I’ve described here) leading to various perspectives on these matters.

Among the many reasons to be engaged in and troubled by recent developments in the SBC, there are two pitfalls that I fear could damage and dilute both our broader witness and our ability to cooperate in future ministry. I hope Southern Baptists will identify and resist these two worrisome trends, regardless of what sides we take in today’s lively debates. …Read More.

SBC: Joining the Orchestra: Amy Whitfield

It was June 2006 when I walked through a tunnel into the Greensboro Coliseum and first saw the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in action. I watched in awe as a sea of paper ballots rose in the air time and again, and President Bobby Welch led 11,639 messengers through two days of actions that would affect the year to come. It was like watching a symphony. But as a new member of the orchestra, I often wondered what was happening and at times was unsure of what I was doing. I knew I had a great responsibility, and I wanted to approach it with the necessary deliberation. …Read More.