Economic Stimulus in the Emoji Age (Part 1)


How can the humanities stimulate the economy in the age of emojis, AI, and memes? How do the humanities (or the “liberal arts”) inform and enlighten faith, work, and economics? To many, the humanities seem to be a waste of money, disastrously racking up student debt. Do students need only STEM skills for a technical society where the humanities don’t help? How can the humanities help us blend faith with economic activity? I contend that the humanities are one weird trick for advancing communications, social order and integration, and economic prosperity. People flourish by providing value for others. Christianity best incubates the humanities in a worldview environment that engenders practical work values and a productive economy. God created us such that we must intensely rely on each other in every aspect of life, especially work and economics. We must serve each other in integrity, and Christianity instills an inherent wholesomeness in doing so. …Read More.