From “I Do” to Dance Party: How to Glorify God in Your Wedding

I literally stumbled into the world of wedding planning after college, tripping through the doorway of my interview. Lucky for me, my lack of coordination didn’t stop a friend of a friend who ran an event venue from hiring the recent grad with the curly hair and big smile. That job turned out to be so much more than just a job, and some days I would feel like I joined a sorority, full of the bubbly women who were my coworkers and clients. I guided hundreds of couples, Christian and non-Christian, and I will forever have a tender spot in my heart for those who are recently engaged, full of earnest hugs and wide smiles, ready to show the world their left hand.

Yet we must acknowledge one fact right out of the gate: The wedding industry is not designed to lead us towards God. The wedding industry wants to convince us that our wedding needs to be bigger, better and more expensive. Pricier flowers, fancier cake, brand-name dress. More guests, a high-end, natural light film photographer and of course, a late-night food truck.

Most engaged people and their families give high priority to the standards set out by the wedding industry, but as Christians we need to assess whether those rules are the same ones God wants us to follow in planning our weddings. The wedding rules we find in magazines and on Pinterest are created by a world that idolizes image and perfection, but as people of faith, we don’t want to participate in idolizing those things. We need to find a balanced way to walk in the world of weddings, and not be consumed by it.

We can start by remembering two important truths. …Read More.