Resting in the God Who Loves Me


I fidget. I consider it more a vice than a virtue. As soon as I wake up my mind revs up its engines with all the tasks on my to-do list. Some nights I cannot get my mind to shut off. Quiet and stillness make me feel guilty; after all, there’s always something productive that I could do, and I won’t get those precious seconds back. So instead of resting in the stillness and quiet, I fidget.

I don’t really know, then, why I said yes to an invitation for my wife, Annie, and me to attend the Rhythms of Rest retreat at Lake Junaluska for a few days with several other Southeastern faculty/staff couples. Perhaps it was the fact that we had moved to Wake Forest just a few months before, and I was weeks into my first semester of teaching. We were understandably tired and needed the rest. However, “rest” in the retreat’s title did not necessarily mean “sleep.” Our leader, Pastor Larry Trotter of North Wake Church, explained that this would be a time to retreat in solitude with our Lord. We would rest in communion with him. We would have several hours of solitude with the Lord, followed by several hours as a couple alone with him, and concluding with several hours in a group sharing our testimonies of what we did and learned in those preceding hours. …Read More.