#IAmGoing Weekend Reading


Introducing: Letters to an American Christian: Bruce Ashford

“Certainly these are sad times for American politics. But if we love our nation and our neighbors, this American sadness should only redouble our resolve. Our nation needs us. So let’s put our Christian faith to work.”

Dear friend,

In the midst of a rapidly changing cultural and political landscape, I believe it is imperative for us to think carefully about how our Christian faith should shape our view of what it means to be an American. To this end, I’m pleased to make you aware that my latest book, Letters to An American Christian, is now available.

I’ve written the book as a series of twenty-six brief letters to a hypothetical college student, “Christian,” who is double-majoring in political science and journalism at an elite university. Christian is trying to figure out his political beliefs in light of his newly-found faith. I am coaching him to steer clear of the secular progressivism of his professors and the secular versions of conservatism held by his family members, and instead to build his beliefs in light of Christian principles. Above all, I am coaching him to build his political beliefs in light of Christian principles.

My hope is to remind readers of two important truths: we cannot afford to shrink away from our earthly citizenship, and we cannot afford to lose sight of our heavenly citizenship. …Read More.

Preparing for revival through leadership accountability: Keith Whitfield

Southern Baptist leaders have begun to say publicly what many have been saying privately for months: our denomination is undergoing a time of judgment. In a recent article on his personal blog, R. Albert Mohler, Jr. said, “[T]he terrible swift sword of public humiliation has come with a vengeance.”
Mohler says the judgment facing the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) results from an “unorganized conspiracy of silence.” He calls the silence “dangerous.” He is right, and this should haunt us. While the silence may be unorganized, it likely reflects habits of complicity deeply embedded in the culture of the SBC.

We pray this season of judgment is not the end of our story, but a time when God prunes our convention to restore in us a servant-minded, spirit-empowered unity for gospel cooperation. We pray that this renewal will be followed by seasons of gospel fruitfulness.
But we must become wide awake to the fact that our leadership and organizational dynamics are a determining factor in our cooperative culture.
If the SBC experiences revival in the future, we must begin the active and ongoing preparation to be found revival-ready. That includes preparing for revival through leadership accountability. …Read More.

Why all Christian Leaders Need Prayer Warriors: Chuck Lawless

I’ve written it before, and I’ll say it again today: we need to pray for each other proactively, not just reactively; that is, we must pray for each other before the enemy wins.  Every day, it becomes more apparent to me that all of us who lead in Christian work need prayer warriors intentionally praying for us.  Here’s why. …Read More.