Prayer Matters. Here’s How I’m Praying for the World (and Church) Right Now.


Over the past several months, amid harrowing current events, the topic of prayer has skirted important issues and has often been regarded as benign sentiment or a passive response to terrible circumstances. No doubt for some #thoughtsandprayers is merely that: a mindless hashtag, a social media reply in a world gone mad.

However, for followers of Jesus, “thoughts and prayers” are the warp and woof of walking with God, of calling on him to listen to our pleas, of asking him to bear burdens, of responding in faith to situations and circumstances well beyond our control but fully within his. So, let this post be a reminder, a source of encouragement, an exhortation to interact with God as you encounter the culture.

Given current events, here are a few ways I’m praying this week. I invite you to join me. …Read More.