#IAmGoing Weekend Reading

Global Missions through the Bible: Ephesians: Benjamin Merkle

If it is true that God is on mission and that believers are called to follow in that mission, then every book of the Bible will contribute to that vision. Ephesians is certainly no exception. As Paul wrote from prison to believers in and around the city of Ephesus, he gave a number of insights into God’s global mission to redeem all peoples.

Here are three principles from Ephesians that inform our prayer, thinking, and engagement in God’s global mission. …Read More.

No, You Aren't Paranoid. Someone is Really After You: Scott Hildreth

_____ Has a wonderful plan for your life.

Have ever you seen the sentence above?

If you have ever seen "The Four Spiritual Laws" created by Campus Crusade for Christ, you know this is part of the opening line. 

This is one of the most popular evangelistic tracts ever used. It opens with the statement, "God Loves you, and has a wonderful plan for your life." Of course, it continues by showing how our sin has destroyed this plan. You can see it in over 150 languages here  - 4 Spiritual Laws

However, for this post, I want to make a small change to the sentence. It is equally as valid, but rather than encouraging. It is terrifying.  …Read More.

How to React when Someone Confesses Their Sin to You: Meredith Cook

Recently, I wrote about why I think it’s important to confess our sins to fellow believers. In that piece, I only considered one side of that paradigm: that of the confessor. But there is a second piece that is equally important: What is an appropriate response when someone confesses their sin to us? …Read More.