What Hath Business to do with Missions?


The missionary task, as commonly understood by Evangelicals, involves the communication of the Christian message to the unbelieving nations, intentionally crossing cultural, linguistic, social and/or geographic barriers. The hope is that the gospel will be received and that new believers will become obedient followers of Jesus.

Missionary anthropologist Paul Hiebert has described this spiritual transformation as “people . . . leaving their false gods, and their self-idolatry with its obsession with wealth, power, price, sex, and race, and to return to God as their Creator and Lord.” (Paul Hiebert, Transforming Worldviews: An Anthropological Understanding of How People Change,Baker Academic; 2008, p. 307). This is a profoundly spiritual task. Some may ask what role work and business plays in the missionary task. This post will address this question. …Read More.